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You can help restore First Amendment rights in Arkansas by doing any or all of the following:

1.  Donate at


Donations will be used to raise awareness, conduct government outreach, pay legal fees (if it comes to that), and possibly bribe our government officials into actually upholding their oaths to the Constitution.  (That last bit is intended as a joke... or so I hope.)  No amount is too small. Please share the link with anyone who believes we all deserve equal protection of our First Amendment rights.

2.  Write to your elected representatives.

If you are an Arkansas resident, please contact your elected representatives at the local, state, and federal levels (see Gov't Contacts page).  I recommend you limit your comments to focus on how this law violates the provisions of the First Amendment and the state Constitution.  If you choose to exercise your First Amendment right to Free Speech by expressing a favorable opinion about (i.e. "advocating") nudism, you will violate Arkansas law § 5-68-204.  I will not be liable for any legal, financial, or other troubles you get yourself into.

If you are not an Arkansas resident, please contact your elected representatives at the state and federal levels.  Let them know that the First Amendment rights of fellow Americans are being violated.  Please send a courtesy copy to Arkansas' elected representatives (see Gov't Contacts page).

Tell Governor Hutchinson to restore First Amendment rights in The Natural State.

3.  Spread the word.


Talk about this issue with your friends.  Send the website by text, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Print and distribute the products at the bottom of this page.  Get the conversation going, because the Arkansas Legislature isn't going to stop suppressing our freedoms out of the goodness of their hearts; they will only stop when enough people tell them to stop.

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